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With locations in Lake City, Ocala, and Lady Lake, top-rated Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center is one of the state’s leading pain management treatment centers, helping patients in Gainesville, The Villages, and the surrounding communities effectively manage chronic neck discomfort. At Florida Pain and Rehabilitation we have a commitment to delivering the highest standards of care for you, which enable us to advance innovative therapies that both restore your health and improve your quality of life while delivering superior outcomes to you.

What Causes My Chronic Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be caused by a number of reasons, ranging from something as simple as improper positioning while sleeping, or even sitting or standing with bad posture. It can also occur due to injuries, accidents, heavy lifting, or other more complex and problematical spinal issues.

Your neck is also known as your cervical spine, and in addition to providing structural support, it is a coordinated network of nerves, bones, joints, and muscles directed by the brain and the spinal cord. Intense irritation along the nerve pathways of your neck can cause pain in your shoulder, head, arm, or hand. Additional reasons for your neck pain, also known as cervicalgia, may include a chronic health condition such as osteoarthritis or a herniated disc.

The fact of the matter is that in today’s world, many people spend hours driving and hunching over their workstations, which can wreak havoc on our necks. This is why neck pain follows lower back pain as the second most common basic pain condition.

How Will You Diagnose and Treat My Chronic Neck Pain?

Neck pain is the number three cause of chronic pain, and more than a quarter of Americans report being affected from discomfort in this area of their body. Neck pain comes about as a result of abnormalities in the bones and joints of your spine, as well as soft tissues such as your muscles, ligaments, and nerves. When neck pain is the result of a muscle strain, symptoms will include aches and stiffness, along with discomfort that spread from the neck to your upper arm and forearm, or shooting pain that spreads down the arm and into the hands and fingers. A pinched nerve is a nerve entrapment in the neck, where the symptoms include numbness, weakness, and pain in your hands or arms.

Too many people have resigned themselves to neck pain because they simply feel it’s a normal condition and a standard part of the aging process. You don’t have to suffer anymore! The professionals at Florida Pain and Rehabilitation are chronic neck pain authorities, led by Dr. Hoang (Wayne) T. Vu, a board certified by both the American Board of Pain Medicine and the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. We can diagnose your condition and help you with interventional pain management treatment for chronic neck pain. For those patients suffering from acute or chronic pain, Dr. Vu believes in providing you with high quality, individualized interventional pain management treatment.

We are specialized in treating the most common pain syndromes:

What is a Cervicogenic Headache?

Cervicogenic headache refers to head pain originating from the neck. The term cervicogenic headache was first introduced by Sjaastad and colleagues in 1983. However, the concept of cervicogenic headache is controversial and not well accepted by the majority of neurologists. The International Headache Society published its first diagnostic criteria in 1998 and revised it 2004. Patients with cervicogenic headache often have histories of head and neck trauma. Pain may be unilateral or bilateral. Pain is frequently localized in the occipital area. However, pain may also be found in the frontal, temporal or orbital regions. Headaches may be triggered by neck movement or sustained neck postures. This headache is constant with episodic throbbing attacks, like a migraine.

Patients may have other symptoms mimicking a migraine, such as nausea, vomiting, photophobia, phonophobia, and blurred vision. Cervicogenic headache is often misdiagnosed as migraine(10). History of head injury and detail physical examination on the occipital and upper cervical area often can help differential diagnosis. Patient with cervicogenic headache may have tenderness over the suboccipital, C2, C3, or C4 regions, or over the third occipital nerve.

Cervicogenic headache does not respond well to migraine medications. Treatment should be focused on the removal of pain source from the occipital-cervical junction. Initial therapy is directed to physical therapy modalities and NSAIDs. Interventional treatment, such as greater occipital nerve block, cervical facet joint block, and botulinum toxin injections, often provides effective pain relief.

How Much Will it Cost to Treat My Chronic Neck Pain in Ocala?

At Florida Pain and Rehabilitation, and Dr. Vu is committed to providing his patients with truly integrated pain management services for acute, chronic or intractable neck pain. We understand that each patient’s condition is unique, which is why we take the time to develop a personalized interventional pain management plan. As a result, your costs will vary based on your unique needs. During your consultation, we will provide you with the specific cost for your customized pain management plan.

We accept most major insurance providers, including the majority of workers’ compensation plans. We also welcome all standard forms of payment, in addition to offering convenient financing and payment plans to make pain management affordable for all of our patients. If you’re in pain, contact us now to set up your appointment, and as long as your insurance doesn’t require authorization from your primary care physician, we can offer you either same day or next day scheduling.

With locations in Lake City, Ocala, and Lady Lake, top-rated Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center is a leader in treating severe discomfort among residents in Gainesville, The Villages, and the surrounding communities, using the latest pain management techniques and procedures available. Our patients benefit from a faster recovery period and lower risk of complications caused by chronic neck pain. Contact us today!